What to Expect When Moving to Vero Beach

Vero Beach, a hidden gem located on the East Coast of South Florida, is more than just a beachside city; it’s a vibrant, charming community that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Nestled between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, Vero Beach boasts stunning beautiful beaches and a climate that is enjoyable year-round. As part of Indian River County, Vero Beach is also home to various landmarks and attractions.

From the historical significance of the Indian River County Courthouse and the educational prowess of the Vero Beach Museum to the lush landscapes of Humiston Park and the bustling shopping centers, including the Indian River Mall, there’s always something to explore.

For prospective residents wondering what to expect when moving to Vero Beach, one can look forward to a lower cost of living than the national average, no state income tax, and a vibrant community teeming with opportunities for shopping, outdoor water activities, and much more.

After moving to Vero Beach, most people quickly realize that it’s not just a perfect place to live but a beautiful place to call home.

Why Vero Beach?

One might wonder, why Vero Beach? A myriad of reasons attracts people to this charming community situated on Florida’s East Coast. Beyond the natural allure, living in Vero Beach offers a unique lifestyle.

For those who love shopping, the Indian River Mall and the numerous shopping centers provide a wealth of options. The city also prides itself on its rich culture and history, with landmarks like the Indian River County Courthouse and educational attractions such as the Vero Beach Museum.

The city’s tranquility is another aspect that makes it so appealing. Despite its proximity to the bustling West Palm Beach, Vero Beach maintains a small-town feel, offering a respite from the heavy traffic and fast-paced lifestyle found in larger cities.

Vero Beach, Florida, is also home to some exceptional resorts, including the Costa D’Este Beach Resort and Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel, ensuring that residents and their guests have access to luxury amenities right at their doorstep.

Moreover, the cost of living in Vero Beach is below the national average, and there’s no state income tax in Florida, allowing residents to keep more money in their pockets.

It’s the perfect place to spend your retirement years, but it’s equally suitable for young families and professionals. The city has prepared well for natural calamities, ensuring a safe environment for all residents.

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7 Things to Expect When Moving to Vero Beach, FL

what to expect when moving to vero beach

When planning a move to Vero Beach, it’s natural to wonder what life will be like in this coastal city. What makes Vero Beach unique? What kind of lifestyle can you expect to lead here? To help you navigate your new adventure, we have outlined seven key aspects to anticipate when relocating to Vero Beach.

These insights will offer a sneak peek into life in this beautiful Florida gem, setting the stage for what awaits you in this sunny paradise. Now, let’s explore what to expect when moving to Vero Beach.

1. Community

The community in Vero Beach, Florida, is one aspect that residents often cite as their favorite part of living here. This charming community is known for its friendliness, diversity, and unique culture.

Residents have an unwavering commitment to maintaining the small-town feel that Vero Beach is renowned for, which is evident in the countless local businesses, unique shops, and bustling local markets that can be found downtown.

Living in Vero Beach also offers a variety of housing options in safe, welcoming neighborhoods. Whether you prefer the quiet, beachside charm of Barrier Island, the vibrant heart of downtown Vero Beach, or the serene ambiance of the city’s many other neighborhoods, there is a place for everyone.

The city boasts a wide range of homes, from condos to single-family houses and luxury beachfront properties. The average housing cost is slightly above the national average due to the high quality of life and numerous amenities in the city, but this is offset by the lower-than-average cost of living and the absence of state income tax in Florida.

2. Climate and Geography

Vero Beach, located on Florida’s beautiful east coast, is renowned for its year-round tropical climate and stunning beaches, making it a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting an average temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather in Vero Beach makes it a perfect place for those seeking the warmth of a subtropical climate.

The city is also known for its awe-inspiring landscapes, from the wide, sandy beaches on the Barrier Island to the protected waters of the Indian River Lagoon, a hub for diverse marine life and water activities.

Whether you’re an active outdoor adventurer or someone who enjoys quiet nature strolls, Vero Beach has something for everyone. For instance, Humiston Park is a favorite spot among locals and tourists for its well-maintained public beaches, while the Riverside Cafe offers stunning views of the Indian River.

Additionally, the Indian River County Courthouse area features numerous parks and natural attractions, offering countless opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Vero Beach is truly a hidden gem for those seeking a balance between natural beauty and urban conveniences.

3. Economy and Job Market

Vero Beach’s economy is diverse and vibrant, built on key industries such as healthcare, retail, education, and tourism. With its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions like the Vero Beach Museum and the Costa D’Este Beach Resort, the tourism industry plays a significant role in the city’s economy.

Furthermore, the presence of Indian River Mall and other shopping centers provides retail jobs, contributing to the city’s economic growth.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, Vero Beach is an attractive place to set up shop. The city encourages growth and innovation, demonstrated by the numerous local businesses and unique shops thriving in downtown Vero Beach.

With a median income above the national average, the local economy presents significant opportunities for businesses of all sizes. The city also has numerous resources to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in their growth and development.

4. Education

What to Expect When Moving to Vero Beach

Education is highly valued in Vero Beach, with the city boasting a range of quality educational institutions for students of all ages. The Indian River County School District provides high-quality public education to the city’s students. Additionally, Vero Beach offers several private school options for families seeking alternative education choices.

Higher education opportunities also abound in Vero Beach, with a number of colleges and universities within driving distance. Adult education opportunities are readily available for those seeking to further their skills or change careers.

In sum, Vero Beach provides an enriching educational environment for all its residents, making it a great city for both families with children and lifelong learners.

5. Lifestyle

Vero Beach offers a unique lifestyle that blends coastal tranquility with urban amenities. The food scene in Vero Beach is diverse and delicious, catering to all tastes and preferences. Seafood lovers will be delighted by local restaurants like the Ocean Grill and the Riverside Cafe, known for their fresh, locally-sourced seafood dishes.

For a more eclectic fare, check out Kilted Mermaid, a quirky spot with a variety of tasty offerings. The Vero Beach food scene extends beyond restaurants, with local markets like the one open weekly downtown, offering fresh foods and a delightful shopping experience.

Shopping in Vero Beach ranges from quaint local businesses to larger shopping centers like the Indian River Mall. The charming community downtown boasts unique shops selling everything from fashionable clothing to artisanal goods.

It’s the perfect place to find unique, locally made gifts or to spend a day browsing and enjoying the sunny Florida weather. The palm-lined Ocean Drive offers a high-end shopping experience with an array of designer stores, art galleries, and more.

6. Transportation

Transportation in Vero Beach offers a mix of convenience and functionality, making commuting and traveling a breeze. The city is well-serviced by local and regional transportation systems, ensuring you can easily navigate your way around the city and beyond.

The local public transit system, known as GoLine, offers a variety of routes throughout Indian River County, providing residents with a reliable and cost-effective means of getting around. In addition to public buses, there are several taxi services and rideshare options, including Uber and Lyft, for those who prefer a more private mode of transportation.

For those looking to travel further afield, Vero Beach is conveniently located close to several major transportation hubs. Vero Beach Regional Airport services the city, offering numerous direct and connecting flights, making national and international travel straightforward.

For those who prefer to drive, Vero Beach is strategically located on the East Coast of Florida, with easy access to major highways like State Road 60 and Interstate 95. This connectivity makes road trips to nearby cities such as West Palm Beach or even longer journeys straightforward.

7. Entertainment

When the sun sets, Vero Beach comes alive with vibrant nightlife and entertainment options. The city is home to several theaters, including the Vero Theatre, which hosts live performances year-round.

The downtown area also boasts a variety of clubs and bars, from relaxed beachside hangouts to high-energy dance venues. Among the most popular is the Southern Social, a favorite spot among locals for its lively atmosphere and quality music.

Vero Beach also hosts a variety of annual events that bring the community together. The Vero Beach Air Show, one of the city’s most highly anticipated events, draws visitors from across the state and beyond.

These events contribute to Vero Beach’s small-town feel, where most people know their neighbors and the community comes together to celebrate and enjoy life.

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Moving to Vero Beach With Friends Moving

What to Expect When Moving to Vero Beach

When you’re ready to make your move to Vero Beach, Friends Moving is here to make your transition as smooth as possible. Offering services ranging from full-service moving to specialty moving, Friends Moving takes the stress out of your relocation process.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a thorough understanding of Vero Beach and Indian River County, Friends Moving is the trusted choice for many families, individuals, and businesses moving to the area.

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Their professionalism, efficiency, and friendly service were remarkable. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Friends Moving for our relocation.” Make your move to Vero Beach a seamless one with Friends Moving.

Friends Moving Also Provides a Variety of Additional Services

Friends Moving isn’t just your typical moving company. We understand that every move is unique and comes with its own set of requirements. To cater to these diverse needs, we offer a range of standard and supplementary moving services.

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  • Residential Moving: We handle all aspects of your household move, from packing and loading to unloading and setting up in your new home. Our experienced team ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new residential move.
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Moving to Vero Beach offers a chance to become part of a charming community rich in history, natural beauty, and a laid-back lifestyle. From its beautiful beaches to the unique shopping experiences, thriving arts scene, and excellent dining options, there’s something for everyone. The city is a hidden gem on Florida’s east coast, offering a quiet, small-town feel with all the amenities of larger cities.

Vero Beach boasts excellent public schools, diverse housing options, a strong job market, and a cost of living that hovers around the national average, making it an attractive option for families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

Shopping centers like the Indian River Mall and local businesses along Ocean Drive offer ample opportunities for retail therapy. Finally, when you’re ready to make a move, Friends Moving is ready to help. With a range of services to cater to diverse moving needs, our team can help you transition to your new home smoothly and stress-free.


What kind of weather can I expect in Vero Beach?

Vero Beach offers a tropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. It’s perfect for those who enjoy year-round outdoor activities.

What are some popular outdoor activities in Vero Beach?

From water activities in the Indian River Lagoon to enjoying the beautiful public beaches, there are plenty of outdoor activities. The area is also home to beautiful parks like Humiston Park.

How’s the job market in Vero Beach?

Vero Beach has a diverse economy with opportunities in healthcare, education, retail, and the citrus industry. The area is also friendly to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How is the school system in Vero Beach?

Vero Beach boasts strong public and private schools. Indian River County is known for its commitment to quality education, making it an excellent place for families with children.

What are the dining and shopping options in Vero Beach?

Vero Beach is home to a diverse food scene with restaurants ranging from casual eateries to upscale dining options. The city also hosts a variety of shopping venues, from the Indian River Mall to unique shops in downtown Vero Beach.

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