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4 Principles of Quality Service

Mom's Motto

Treat every move as if it were our own mother's move. Work with a caring attitude and positive energy.


Provide simple and upfront pricing. Provide excellent service to every customer.


Put 110% effort into trying to perform at the optimal level during your move.


Train. Teach. Learn. Continually improve to provide better service.

Vero Beach Movers
Vero Beach Movers

4 Customer Satisfaction Guarantees regarding Services For Vero Beach Movers

Guaranteed Start Times


Guaranteed Professionalism


Guaranteed Performance


Guaranteed Efficiency


4 Top-Notch Vero Beach Movers Specialty Services


Moving for local residential, senior living and family moving.

Full Service

Full service packing, unpacking, moving and organization help.

Express LD

Use express long distance moving to move across the country.


Specialized packing and moving techniques for arts and antiques.

Vero Beach Movers

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Friends Moving is happy to be part of the Three Movers trusted moving company network:
We Are A Three Movers Trusted Moving Company
We Are A Three Movers Trusted Moving Company

Join our Circle of Friends! Vero Beach Movers

  • Friends Before Your Move...
  • Good Friends During Your Move
  • Great Friends After Your Move!

Friends Before Your Move...

  • Receive simple and upfront pricing, as well as helpful moving tips and advice, tailored for residential or commercial moves, meeting the needs of people in any state or city, particularly in the Treasure Coast area.
  • Receive a "Simple Pricing" form or email, including an estimate for loading, unloading, and transportation costs, catering to long-distance, interstate, or local moves, offering specialized services like auto transport and furniture movers.
  • Reserve your professional moving team by phone, online, or in-person, accommodating the needs of people in any state or city, whether it's a house or apartment, especially in Vero Beach, Florida, through Mayflower, known as experienced Florida movers.
  • Receive a personalized call from a manager prior to your move to confirm all details and ensure a reliable and trustworthy process, addressing any questions or concerns, leveraging their expertise in the industry.
  • Receive names and photos of your packers/movers the day before your move for a seamless experience, providing transparency and building trust, which is essential when moving in Beach Florida.
  • Receive updates when your packing/moving crew is on the way to your home, ensuring a smooth loading process and customer satisfaction, with a high rating for their services.

Good Friends During Your Move...

  • Receive a phone call or visit from a manager during your move for added support and peace of mind, ensuring excellent customer service and addressing any concerns, particularly for local movers in Vero Beach, Florida.
  • Avail of new, clean trucks with GPS tracking for secure transportation of your items during loading and unloading, available for residents in any state or city, especially those in Beach Florida, equipped for moving labor and auto transport.
  • Truck equipped with 80 furniture blankets, plastic furniture wrap, packing materials, and boxes to protect your belongings during the moving process, providing everything needed for a smooth move in Vero Beach, Florida.
  • All movers are background checked and pass our 4 POINT TRAINING PROGRAM, ensuring an insured and reliable team, rated highly in the industry for their expertise and reliability, along with comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • All packers are trained to pack artwork, glassware, and electronics, maintaining the utmost care during loading and unloading, regardless of the size or type of items, utilizing their experienced handling skills.
  • All packers are trained to pack and label in an organized fashion for an efficient moving process, catering to different locations and options, showcased on their website for easy access to features and settings.
  • FREE plastic wrap for sofas and mattresses provided during your move to minimize costs and ensure item protection, saving you money on additional expenses, showcasing affordable prices and added value.
  • Receive a phone call from the move manager when your move is nearing completion to ensure your satisfaction with the unloading process, ensuring everything meets your needs and settings.
  • Specialized attention is given to all moves, whether residential or commercial, making sure each customer receives top-notch service, insured and bonded for added peace of mind.

Great Friends After Your Move!

  • Receive extra discounted rates on unpacking services to ease the post-move process, providing an affordable option for settling into your new place in Vero Beach, Florida.
  • Benefit from free box and debris removal along with unpacking services, eliminating additional costs and hassle for residents in any state or city, with added insurance for peace of mind.
  • Receive a follow-up call from the quality control manager after your move, ensuring a seamless experience from loading to unloading, enhancing customer satisfaction and their site's rating.
  • Enjoy extra discounts for future moves, moves from storage, and referrals, rewarding loyal customers with cost-effective solutions, further enhancing the site's rating and their customer service.
  • Receive incentives for referrals and positive online reviews, acknowledging your support and satisfaction, enhancing the company's reputation and customer service, providing comprehensive insurance for customer safety.
  • Move concierge services available to help you settle into your new home or office area without added stress, providing convenience and peace of mind, especially for those in the Treasure Coast area.

For Expert Movers..., Great Service..., a Better Move....

Vero Beach Movers

four friends, one objective: great service!