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Vero Beach, a hidden gem located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, is renowned for its pristine beaches, small-town charm, and its proximity to historical places. Tampa Bay, situated on the west coast of Florida along the stunning Gulf of Mexico, offers a dynamic fusion of cultural influences, a vibrant history, and a flourishing job market.

People may decide to move from Vero Beach to Tampa for numerous reasons, such as expanded career opportunities, better educational facilities, or simply a change in scenery and lifestyle.

This blog post aims to provide practical advice for those planning this transition, outlining the key dos and don’ts when moving from Vero Beach Fl to Tampa. For an efficient, stress-free move, it’s crucial to keep these pointers in mind. 

Speaking of stress-free moves, let’s not forget about Friends Moving, your trusted partner that has been providing friendly, reliable, and affordable moving services for 15 years. With us, moving becomes an enjoyable journey rather than a cumbersome task.

Understanding Tampa

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Moving to a new city involves more than just transporting your belongings – it’s a lifestyle change. It is essential to understand your new home, Tampa, a vibrant city teeming with cultural diversity, exciting job opportunities, and an affordable cost of living. 

To ensure a smooth transition from Vero Beach to Tampa, you need to grasp the nuances that make Tampa unique. Here are some key points to get you started:

  • Cultural Diversity: Tampa Bay is a cultural melting pot influenced by Native American, Spanish, Cuban, and Italian immigrants, creating a vibrant tapestry of traditions, festivals, tantalizing cuisines, and historical places.
  • Lifestyle: Tampa Bay residents embrace a laid-back yet modern lifestyle, with numerous parks, beaches, recreational activities, and historic places to explore.
  • Job Opportunities: Tampa is home to several large corporations and has a strong job market, particularly in the fields of healthcare, education, finance, and technology.
  • Cost of Living: While the cost of living in Tampa is slightly higher than in Vero Beach, it is still affordable compared to many other major cities in Florida and the United States.
  • Climate: Tampa has a tropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters, a shift from Vero Beach’s subtropical weather.
  • Education: Tampa boasts a good mix of highly-rated public and private schools, along with reputable colleges and universities.
  • Transportation: Public transportation is more prevalent in Tampa than in Vero Beach, with cheap bus tickets, greyhound buses, trolleys, and a downtown streetcar system.
  • Neighborhoods: Tampa is made up of a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Researching these will help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Understanding these aspects of Tampa can help you set realistic expectations and make your move a truly exciting experience.

The Dos

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Successfully moving from Vero Beach to Tampa, south Florida, requires careful planning and organization. It’s not just about packing your belongings into boxes.

 A well-thought-out and systematic approach will ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Here are some crucial ‘dos’ to consider when planning your move:

1. Engaging a professional moving company like Friends Moving

When it comes to moving, expertise and experience matter. It’s essential to hire a reliable and experienced moving company to ensure your move is executed smoothly and efficiently. 

Friends Moving, with its 15 years of experience, offers comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation. Our professional team can handle the logistics of your move, from providing packing services and transporting your belongings safely to offering storage solutions if required.

2. Starting to pack well in advance

Initiate the packing process several weeks, or even a month, prior to your moving date, allowing ample time to sort, declutter, and pack your belongings at a comfortable pace. Not only does early packing alleviate last-minute stress, but it also gives you time to make sure everything is packed correctly and securely.

3. Using high-quality packing supplies

The safety of your belongings during transit heavily relies on the quality of your packing materials. Opt for durable boxes, robust packing tapes, bubble wraps, and other essential packing supplies to ensure maximum protection.

High-quality packing materials ensure your items are well-protected during the move, reducing the risk of damage.

4. Labeling all boxes clearly and keeping an inventory

As you pack, clearly label all boxes with their contents and the room they belong to. This will make unpacking much easier and faster. 

Also, maintain a detailed inventory of all your packed items to keep track of your belongings. This will ensure you know exactly what you have packed and where to find it when you start unpacking in your new home.

5. Ensuring everything is ready before the movers arrive

When moving day arrives, verify that all boxes are packed, properly sealed, and ready for transportation. If necessary, disassemble larger items and ensure unobstructed pathways to promote efficient movement.

This helps the moving team efficiently load your belongings and reduces the risk of damage caused by rushing or last-minute packing.

6. Keeping valuable items, important documents, and essentials with you

As a vital part of your move, gather a dedicated box or bag encompassing indispensable items such as toiletries, spare clothes, snacks, etc., guaranteeing continuous access throughout the entire relocation process.

This ‘survival kit’ will help you get through the first night in your new home without having to rummage through boxes for necessities. 

Also, keep your important documents, valuable items, and sentimental belongings with you to prevent potential loss or damage during transit.

7. Familiarizing yourself with your new neighborhood

A successful move is not just about moving your belongings from one place to another; it’s also about transitioning to a new community. Before your move, make sure to allocate time to visit Tampa Bay and explore your prospective neighborhood, getting familiar with the local amenities, including nearby historic places. 

Identify key amenities such as grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and parks for your convenience. This will make the transition easier and help you feel more at home once you move.

8. Updating your address and contact information

It’s important to promptly update your address with banks, insurance companies, subscription services, and the post office upon acquiring your new address to maintain uninterrupted service, receive important documents, and enjoy convenient access to nearby historical places.

Inform your friends, family, colleagues, and relevant business contacts about your new address. This will ensure that you continue to receive your mail and services without any interruption.

9. Exploring the city and engaging in local activities

Once you have moved, spend time exploring Tampa. The city has a lot to offer, from its diverse food scene and vibrant nightlife to its rich cultural heritage and beautiful parks. 

By actively participating in local events and activities, you can immerse yourself in Tampa Bay’s lively culture and ambiance, fostering a smoother transition into your new home.

10. Connecting with local community groups and networks

Joining local community groups, social clubs, or professional networks can significantly enhance your settling-in process in Tampa Bay, enabling you to establish meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

This will help you meet new people, make friends, and integrate into your new community. Whether it’s a hobby club, a fitness class, or a professional networking group, these connections can significantly improve your experience of moving to a new city.

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The Don’ts

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While there are certain steps you should take to facilitate a successful move, there are also potential pitfalls that can make the moving process more stressful and complicated. 

By being aware of these, you can ensure a smoother, more efficient transition to your new home. Here are some important ‘don’ts’ to avoid when planning your move from Vero Beach to Tampa:

1. Leaving planning until the last minute

The moving process demands thorough planning and ample time. Delaying preparations until the eleventh hour can lead to a chaotic, stressful, and less efficient moving day. Instead, initiate the planning process several weeks, if not months, in advance.

This early start provides you with sufficient time to sort through your belongings, decide what to move and what to discard, secure the services of a reliable moving company like Friends Moving, and manage all the other logistical aspects of your move in a more relaxed and controlled manner.

2. Overloading boxes and under-utilizing packing space

Packing smart is key to an efficient move. Avoid the pitfall of overloading your boxes, as this not only makes them harder to lift and transport but also significantly increases the risk of the boxes breaking under the weight, potentially damaging your belongings. Conversely, under-filled boxes can collapse when stacked, leading to similar risks.

Try to distribute weight evenly across your boxes, with heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. Use packing paper, bubble wrap, or even your clothes to fill in the empty spaces, ensuring your items are secure and the boxes hold their shape during the move.

3. Attempting to move large, heavy, or delicate items without professional help

Certain items require special handling during a move, and attempting to move these items yourself can be dangerous and risky. Large, bulky furniture, heavy appliances, and delicate items like pianos, antiques, or valuable artwork can be damaged in the move or cause injuries if not handled correctly.

It is always recommended to engage the services of professional movers who have the experience and equipment necessary to safely and efficiently move these items.

4. Scheduling other tasks or appointments on a moving day

Your moving day should be dedicated entirely to the move. Avoid scheduling other tasks, appointments, or commitments on this day. Doing so could divert your attention, cause unnecessary stress, and delay the moving process. Make sure your focus is solely on the move to ensure it goes as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

5. Unpacking all boxes at once – instead, take your time to organize

Moving into your new home in Tampa can be exciting, and you may be tempted to unpack all your boxes as soon as you arrive. However, rushing the unpacking process can lead to chaos and confusion. Instead, take your time to organize your new space.

Unpack room by room, starting with essentials like the kitchen and bathrooms. Having a systematic approach to unpacking will make the process more manageable and your new home more comfortable more quickly.

6. Expecting things to be the same as in Vero Beach – instead, embrace the new culture

Moving to a new city is a significant life event that comes with a range of new experiences. Tampa will be different from Vero Beach, with its own culture, lifestyle, and pace of life. Instead of expecting everything to be the same as in Vero Beach, embrace the newness. Explore your new surroundings, engage with the local culture, and keep an open mind to new experiences. This will help you adjust quicker and make your move more enjoyable.

Avoiding these common moving mistakes will not only make your move smoother and less stressful but also allow you to settle into your new home in Tampa more quickly and efficiently.

The Moving Day

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The moving day signifies the culmination of all the meticulous planning and preparation you’ve put into your move from Vero Beach to Tampa. It’s a day filled with mixed emotions and a flurry of activities. To ensure that it goes smoothly, there are certain ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ you should keep in mind.


  • Preparation is Key: Before the movers arrive, ensure that all necessary preparations, including packing, labeling, and, if necessary, furniture disassembly, are completed and in order, allowing for a smooth and efficient move to Tampa Bay, near historic places.
  • Valuables and Essentials: Keep all valuable items, important documents, and essentials with you at all times to ensure their safety.
  • Clear the Path: Guarantee that the movers have unobstructed paths for effortless transportation of boxes and furniture.


  • Overbooking: Refrain from scheduling additional tasks or appointments on your moving day, allowing your complete focus to remain dedicated to the moving process.
  • Last Minute Tasks: Do not leave any packing or organizing for the moving day.
  • Hazardous Conditions: Ensure to clear any potential hazards, such as wet floors or loose carpets, to avoid accidents.

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Settling in Tampa

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One of the first things you should do is familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Take the time to explore your surroundings and identify local amenities such as grocery stores, parks, restaurants, and other places of interest. Understand the local culture, meet your new neighbors, and begin to immerse yourself in the community. Becoming acquainted with your new area can not only make you feel more at home but can also help reduce the natural feelings of disorientation and homesickness that can accompany a move. 

Additionally, remember to update your address and contact information. Notify the necessary institutions, businesses, and personal contacts about your change of address. This includes your bank, insurance companies, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the post office, and any subscription services you may have.

On the other hand, while you may be eager to get fully settled in your new home, it’s crucial not to rush the unpacking process. Unpacking all your boxes at once can lead to disorder and increase the stress of settling in. Instead, take your time to organize your new space. Start with unpacking the essentials and gradually work your way through the remaining boxes. 

Create a functional living space first – a place to sleep, eat, and relax – then slowly focus on organizing and decorating the rest of your home. By taking your time, you can thoughtfully decide where things should go and what additional items you might need for your new home. This methodical approach to unpacking will make the process more manageable, less stressful and will help you create a comfortable living space in your new Tampa home.

What is the Cost of Moving to Tampa from Vero Beach?

The cost of moving from Vero Beach to Tampa can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the volume and nature of the items being moved, specific packing or handling requirements, and the range of services you select from your moving company.

However, a local move within Florida could typically cost between $1,000 to $4,000. For an accurate estimate, it’s advised to reach out to a reputable moving company, providing them with the necessary details about your move.


As we wrap up our exploration of the Dos and Don’ts of moving from Vero Beach to Tampa, we reflect on the main points we’ve covered. Moving is a significant life event filled with excitement, anticipation, and, often, a good deal of stress. 

By adhering to our guide of dos and don’ts, you can prepare for your move in a structured, organized manner. Whether it’s early planning, careful packing, or managing the moving day effectively, Friends Moving plays a critical role in ensuring a successful transition.

Furthermore, while moving comes with its challenges, it also opens the door to new opportunities and experiences. A well-planned move minimizes the chances of any last-minute hiccups, making the process more enjoyable and less stressful. So, when the moving day arrives, you can focus more on the excitement of the new chapter in your life that awaits in Tampa.


What is the best time to move from Vero Beach to Tampa? 

The best time to move can depend on many factors, including your schedule, work commitments, and the weather. Generally, spring and fall are considered good seasons to move thanks to moderate weather.

How much will it cost to move from Vero Beach to Tampa?

The cost can vary significantly depending on the size of your move and the services you require. We recommend getting a free quote from Friends Moving to understand the potential costs better.

Should I pack my belongings myself or use a professional service?

While packing yourself can save costs, using a professional service ensures your belongings are packed securely and efficiently. Friends Moving offers both full and partial packing services depending on your needs.

How can I make my new home feel more comfortable quickly?

Start by unpacking essentials and setting up key living areas like your bedroom and kitchen. Personalize your space with photos, décor, and personal items. Exploring your new neighborhood can also help you feel more at home.

What should I do if I realize I need additional moving services at the last minute? 

If you find that you need additional services, such as packing help or additional transportation, contact Friends Moving as soon as possible. While we recommend booking all services in advance, we strive to accommodate last-minute changes whenever possible.

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